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The Courses section is a learning area where the users of the Return and Reintegration Platform can access a variety of e-courses that address and deal with some of the most pressing issues related to return, reintegration as well as migration and development.

The proposed selection of courses offers several possibilities of learning. Browse the list below to learn about the range of courses available. More will be included soon!

Please note that the courses may charge a fee set by the course provider.

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This online training course aims at strengthening the competencies of return and reintegration practitioners involved in monitoring and evaluating (M&E) activities of return and reintegration programmes. The course aims to enhance the opportunity to obtain core knowledge on the monitoring and evaluation and it is based on 10 modules. Module 1. Return and sustainable reintegration Module 2. Importance of M&E Module 3. Applying a Results Monitoring Framework (RMF): Programme theory Module 4. Applying RMF: M&E plan and RMF Module 5. Applying M&E...
This online course on the Reintegration Handbook is divided into 5 modules. It targets all reintegration practitioners, from project developers, reintegration staff, M&E officers and case workers, to governmental officials and civil society stakeholders.
This course provides theoretical and practical tools with the aim of strengthening the skills in providing psychosocial services, focusing on areas that affect the well-being of migrants. It helps students acquire the necessary knowledge about psychosocial care, psychological first aid for migrants and for the staff that supports them. The course provides practical tools to strengthen psychosocial care competencies and to intervene in areas that have the most impact in all stages of migration.
IOM developed the E-learning “Specialized course about migrant children in the Americas”, in partnership with the InterAmerican Institute for Children and Adolescents (IIN) of the Organization of American States (OAS), thanks to the financial support of the US Government (US Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration; and USAID). The course is adapted from IOM presence-based specialized course about migrant children (80 hours). For the recently launched second edition, an additional module was added, therefore the course...
My JMDI e-Toolbox on Migration and Local Development is a flexible and comprehensive e-course for stakeholders working on migration and development at the local level (local and national authorities, civil society, migrants’ associations, academia, international organizations, etc.) on how to better mainstream migration into local policy planning for enhanced local development and protection of migrants. The contents of the course are based on the My JMDI Toolbox set of training materials designed under the UN Joint Migration and Development...