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Specialized course on migrant children in the Americas

Specialized course on migrant children in the Americas

IOM developed the E-learning “Specialized course about migrant children in the Americas”, in partnership with the InterAmerican Institute for Children and Adolescents (IIN) of the Organization of American States (OAS), thanks to the financial support of the US Government (US Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration; and USAID). The course is adapted from IOM presence-based specialized course about migrant children (80 hours). For the recently launched second edition, an additional module was added, therefore the course now has an estimated duration of 85 hours. The online version is self-paced, allowing the training of many students in all Latin America, without the need of a tutor or a trainer. 

The virtual course is hosted in IOM E-Campus, where users can find many other courses and learning resources about migration. As a specialized course, it is not open to the public. The migration and /or children practitioners are enrolled upon request when the application process is open.

Addressed to migration and/or children specialists, the course provides deep and specialized contents for an integral approach of topics related to migrant children. Its broad multimedia resources and complementary material allow a high level of interactivity. The extent of the course is approximately 85 hours and currently it includes 10 modules:

  • Module 1. Rights of children and adolescents and public policies
  • Module 2. Migration in the world and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Module 3. Migrant Children
  • Module 4. International and regional normative framework and protection mechanisms of the rights of children and adolescents
  • Module 5. National protection systems and mechanisms. This module includes 1 unit per country, for a total of 19 sub-modules
  • Module 6. Children and adolescents in condition of special vulnerability
  • Module 7. Children, return and reintegration
  • Module 8. Psycho-social support of migrant children and adolescents
  • Module 9. Tools for action
  • Module 10. Protection of migrant children in humanitarian settings

Each module includes a final evaluation and a grade of 70 or higher is necessary to complete the course. The current edition has been launched in April 2020 and will be concluded in August 2020.

The course is currently only available in Spanish and the content is focused on Latin America, however please feel free to contact IOM ( if interested in an adaptation or translated version.