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Reintegration Assistance: Good, Promising and Innovative Practices Series. Knowledge Management Hub releasing 10th factsheet

A food production enterprise in Baghlan province supported by RADA. © IOM

The EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub released today the 10th factsheet on Supporting SMEs and former returnees to create jobs for migrants returning to Afghanistan” from the Reintegration Assistance: Good, Promising and Innovative Practices Series.  

The series, launched in 2020, aims at highlighting innovative reintegration activities along with operational details and recommendations that will allow reintegration practitioners to learn more about these activities, understand how they are implemented and how they could be replicated or adapted in their respective contexts. 

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The 10th factsheet released describes how IOM, through the  Reintegration Assistance and Development in Afghanistan (RADA) project funded by the European Union, supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a potential for growth to expand their production capacities and their market reach, with the aim to create jobs for returnees.  

The support provided not only allowed hiring returnees, it also allowed developing their skills (on-the-job training) and strengthening productive enterprises in a complex economic and security environment.  

The technical support provided to enhance the SMEs’ productivity and revenue (including business linkages and packaging or marketing support, among others) as well as the attempt to link returnees with SMEs established by former returnees, constitute promising practices to be further examined in the future.  

By December 2020, 104 returnees (82 male, 22 female) were employed by seventeen SMEs supported by RADA, including 13 employed in two SMEs established by former returnees.  

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The information and evidence collected on such practices, implemented by IOM, partners or other stakeholders, is translated into short knowledge bites in the form of factsheets for easy dissemination among reintegration practitioners.   
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