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KNOMAD issues a call for interest to develop a methodology for a longitudinal study on reintegration outcomes of returnees

KNOMAD, the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development, is a brain trust for the global migration community that aims to generate a menu of policy choices, based on analytical evidence, evaluation of policies, data collection, and quality control through peer-review. It provides technical assistance and undertakes pilot projects in close coordination with the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) and the U.N. agencies working on migration.

Through its Return Migration and Reintegration thematic working group co-led by the World Bank and IOM, KNOMAD aims to contribute to evidence-based policy choices including by generating data for policies to improve return and reintegration outcomes. In this framework, KNOMAD is seeking a consultant to elaborate a methodology for a comprehensive longitudinal study on reintegration outcomes of returnees in selected regions and countries. This methodology will be made available for stakeholders interested in carrying out or funding this comprehensive study.

Candidates are invited to express their interest by 30 June 2020. Details on the application process and terms of reference are available here.