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Fostering interlinkages between sustainable development and reintegration programmes. A new cross-regional seminar by the KMH

Rice cultivation in Udayapur, Nepal. © IOM 2016/Amanda NERO
Udayapur, Nepal, is one of the regions in the country vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Several families have lost their houses and livelihoods due flooding. They also face difficulties with their plantations because of changes on rain patterns. © IOM 2016/Amanda NERO

Building on the recent release of the second issue of the Sustainable Reintegration Knowledge Paper Series focusing on the interlinkages between sustainable development and reintegration, the EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub (KMH)  organized a two-days cross-regional seminar on 1-2 December 2021.

The seminar discussed the key interlinkages between reintegration and development and drew particular attention to the experiences acquired from the implementation of these projects as well as other experiences, particularly those applicable cross-regionally.  It offered a space for discussion among return and reintegration experts, practitioners and policymakers. It brought together representatives of the governments, EU institutions and international organisations and CSOs allowing them to examine how programmes can maximize the potential positive mutual impact of sustainable development and reintegration through interventions at the community and structural level, and how programmes can be designed and partnerships established to pursue sustainable reintegration and sustainable development. 

The seminar was structured around four main sessions: 

  1. Mainstreaming into policy and programming 
  2. Policies and reforms
  3. Bringing together returnees and community members
  4. Addressing community needs

Access the recordings and the agendas (in both English and French) below:



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