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KMH releases Call for Applications to Produce Knowledge Bite

© IOM / Beyond Borders Media 2022
© IOM / Beyond Borders Media 2022

The EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub (KMH) is looking for a consultant to produce the sixth Knowledge Bite. 

In October 2020 the KMH launched the Sustainable Reintegration Knowledge Bites series, which aims to present findings pertaining to sustainable reintegration outcomes emerging from the analyses of Reintegration Sustainability Survey (RSS) data and other monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data available. The Knowledge Bites series are designed to bring these findings to the attention of reintegration practitioners and policymakers worldwide, as well as to inform and disseminate good practices, lessons learned and recommendations. 

To date, five Knoweldge Bites have been produced, focusing on different aspects of sustainable reintegration outcomes. Click here to access them on the Return and Reintegration Platform.

The production of the sixth Knowledge Bite will be based on the analysis of the Returnee Longitudinal Survey (RLS) data, collected under the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Regional Evidence for Migration Analysis and Policy (REMAP).

This study aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To strengthen longitudinal evidence-based programming and disseminate lessons learned and recommendations on the sustainability of reintegration – across the economic, social and psychosocial dimensions;
  2. To present in-depth insights into the factors of sustainable reintegration, while explaining cross-country and cross-regional patterns of sustainable reintegration outcomes; 
  3. To complement the key findings from the analysis of returnees’ data collected in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq and Pakistan, by focusing on indicators for reintegration sustainability (economic, social and psychosocial).

For more information on this consultancy and on how to apply, click on the button below:

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