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Sustainable Reintegration Knowledge Bites Series: KMH releases fifth Knowledge Bite

Beneficiary of the Prottasha project's reintegration assistance © IOM / Beyond Borders Media 2022
Beneficiary of the Prottasha project's reintegration assistance © IOM / Beyond Borders Media 2022

The EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub has just released the fifth issue of the Sustainable Reintegration Knowledge Bites Series. Click here to read it. 

This fifth Knowledge Bite, on Types of Reintegration Assistance and Sustainable Reintegration Outcomes, aims to explore returnees’ satisfaction with different types of reintegration assistance, as well as the possible statistically significant relationship between reintegration assistance received and respondents’ individual reintegration outcomes. 

Among its key findings, the fifth issue of the Series notes that receiving collective reintegration assistance has a positive effect on returnees’ overall reintegration sustainability as well as on their economic reintegration sustainability.  A further analysis shows that – as in previous Knowledge Bites – micro-business assistance proves to be the strongest factor for predicting more sustainable reintegration outcomes across the economic, social and psychosocial dimensions

The Sustainable Reintegration Knowledge Bites Series aims to present findings pertaining sustainable reintegration outcomes emerging from analyses based on RSS data and other monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data centrally available on the IOM’s institutional case management system. This series is designed to bring such findings to the attention of reintegration practitioners and policymakers worldwide, as well as to inform and disseminate good practices, lessons learned and recommendations. The data presented in the series has been collected in the framework of the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration and other EU-IOM Actions supporting migrant protection and sustainable reintegration.

Please feel free to share further with colleagues and counterparts who might be interested to learn about the Sustainable Reintegration Knowledge Bites Series.   

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