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IOM Launches Reintegration Handbook in French, Spanish and Arabic

IOM Launches Reintegration Handbook in French, Spanish and Arabic
An IOM mentor talking to a returnee in Kaolack, Senegal © IOM 2019

Today, IOM has launched the Reintegration Handbook in French, Spanish and Arabic.

With this Handbook, IOM aims to share its expertise, as well as that of its partners, to provide practical guidance on the design, implementation and monitoring of reintegration assistance to migrants unable or unwilling to remain in host or transit countries and returning through assisted voluntary return or through returns organized by host governments and other actors. The Handbook builds on the recognition that sustainable reintegration requires the adoption of solid partnerships as well as coordinated policies and practices between relevant stakeholders at international, national and local levels.

Making this Handbook available in various languages is key in ensuring it can be easily used and relevant across the globe, to facilitate reintegration in increasingly varied countries and contexts.

The Handbook will continue to evolve and be strengthened. A complementary chapter on the reintegration of children and their families is currently being developed in coordination with UNICEF. An annex on climate resilient reintegration will also be integrated. Furthermore, the online reintegration course is also currently being translated and will soon be available in French, Spanish and Arabic.

Watch this video for more information on the Reintegration Handbook: